Roses Cure Acne

It is no surprise that the rose is known as the queen of all flowers – the blooms are beautiful, the scent can be amazing and they have such wonderful healing properties. For me, roses are the best acne products.

The thing here though, is to use an old-fashioned rose such as the Queen Elizabeth – the hybrid tea roses with no scents are simply not as effective. You can also use Rose Otto essential oil but it can be expensive.

You will more than likely have to settle for a blend. When it comes to treating acne, however, nothing is quite as soothing as rose skin care products. They can clear and heal the skin and calm redness completely.

Starting off, you will need to collect the rose petal – this is easily done – simply pluck them off a blown rose. You will need about a cup of rose petals for each cup of aqueous base.

Also collect the rose hips – these are especially good for you – they are full of vitamin C and make a great tea or ultra-special oil. Get more guidelines on how to eliminate acne by reading these exposed acne treatment reviews.

In fact, Rose Hip oil itself can be a wonderful treatment for acne – it soothes the redness, nourishes the skin and helps to fade the scars.

To make your own oil is usually impractical so find a good, organic source and use that – you need not use much so a bottle will last a long time.

Making your own rose aqueous cream is easy – boil up the cream with the rose petals for around 15-20 minutes and seive out the solids before storing.

You can also make your own rose water by boiling up water and rose petals together. Use the rose water as a toner and the cream as a moisturizer.

For a super nourishing treatment at night, wash your face and apply the rose hip oil. Leave for a few minutes and tissue off the excess. Proceed with the moisturizer.

You get glowing, radiant skin and will start to see a difference in the acne after a short while. Keep this regimen up religiously and you will be acne free.

You can further boost the effects of the rose hip oil by adding in a few drops of neroli and sandalwood essential oil – Ylang Ylang oil can round off the scent.

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